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mini lop breeders ny Bucks $30. Stardust's started in 1997 with a few rabbits and cavies. HOLD-Waiting for deposit DEPOSIT-$50% non-refundable deposit has been made Holland lop bunnies 33 days ago in Brea, CA 8 week old Holland lop baby bunnies, very friendly, they are a dwarf breed only weighing 3-4 lbs ful LOPS Mini Lops are about the size of a basketball when full grown. We guarentee a healthy, happy, friendly bunny! I am a member of ARBA ( American Rabbit Breeders Association). My name is Mariah and I Breed, Raise & Show quality Mini & French Lops & Mini Rex. Members are listed by State, Name, City, and Breeds/Varieties Raised. Search for holland lop rescue rabbits for adoption. com (716 This page includes Mini Lop breeders from across the country. Holland Lops are the smallest of the lopeared breeds. net. $150. Top line show and pet bunnies and German Shepherds, breeding and caring for top rabbits and German shepherds is the goal at Hollywoodrabits. All national sales are final and no refund will be given except at our sole discretion. AMERICAN BELGIAN HARE CLUB AMERICAN NETHERLAND DWARF RABBIT HOLLAND LOP RABBIT SPECIALTY CLUBJessica Barabe 86 River Street Riverside, RI 02915 CLUB Susan Smith 864 Barkers Creek Road, Whittier, Pandora Allen 2633 Seven Eleven Rd, Chesapeake, VAMembership: $7. BIS,RIS GC Pitter Patter's Smutty Nose 13 Legs. Larger Lop rabbits were crossed with smaller breeds (often the Chinchilla) to create these small Lops. Jennifer Brusca New york. Once you hold a Holland Lop you will see how they have become American's favorite bunny. Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop eared rabbits, weighing between 3 and 4 lbs. 2nd Annual Show. Its purpose is a resource for other Mini Lop breeders, and a resource for those interested in getting started with the Mini Lop breed. Mia Love Buffalo, New York Tinkdiamond Mialovetink200811@gmail. We have been slowly and carefully cultivating our lines and currently have rabbits representing some of the best breeders in the country, including Poole's, MBG, Stretching Limits, Eden's, Rebecca's Rabbitry, Pinewood's/OOM, Lops of Luv's, RAR, Delightful's Cashmere Lop Breed History/Origin. Aug 15, 2012 · Breeds: Tri color Mini Lops Marie Koons Email: honeysgifts2@verizon. We are by appointment only. Babies are $25 without pedigree. We will be selling young holland lops to make cage space for next ARBA breeding project. 00 checkered giant 10. Home About For Sale Contact Our Bunnies  Mini Lop, Holland Lop, and Netherland Dwarf Breeder   Maine, NY   Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group is an all-volunteer organization based on Long Island, New York. Results 1 - 20 of 64 rabbit breeders ny Fort Edward NY. I raise Mini Lops, Holland I own a small rabbitry, and I breed Holland Lops according to ARBA standards . If you sell rabbits, you are invited to submit a FREE rabbitry listing to our Meat Rabbit Breeder List! French Lops For Sale Please email us if you are interested in any of our French Lops. Watch for Hidden Valley's Mini Pigs on the Tyra Show! Breeders offering Cockatiels for sale sometimes wean young too soon to increase profits, this will harm the a Cockatiel as they need to learn how to find food and feed on their own. However if you have decided to buy a Mini Lop bunny from an official breeder then check the list of US Mini Lop breeders bellow. 00 $2, oy15 polish 10. 凌凌凌 Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, that means that they carry the dwarf gene. We are a registered ARBA breeder located in Concord, NC. Mini - Lop - Rosie - Medium - Young - Female - Rabbit I'm Rosie. 3 days ago in Murrieta, CA Super cute purebred Holland Lop baby bunnies. Family Friendly pups. heathershoneybunnies. Lop rabbits come in different sizes and varieties, and all are known for their long, floppy ears. Our rabbits are vet checked by Melbourne’s leading rabbit clinic – The Rabbit Doctors. T. We specialize in Holland Lops and Mini Lops which are sweet and are very enjoyable to have. These rabbits are well-cared for and loved. We breed and raise wonderful pet bunnies who are socialized with young children and other animals. The Mini Lop is the smallest non-dwarfed lop. 5 0 - Family $10. It features in most rabbit shows in most countries and is kept as a pet by many, many people. As breeders, we strive to adhere to the ARBA Holland Lop Standard of Perfection. We raise Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Fuzzy Lops, and strive to follow the ARBA Standard of Perfection. The Holland Lops range in weight from 2-4 lbs which makes a perfect size to have inside the home. My babies are completely spoiled and get to run and play at least every other day. Holland Lops originated in the Netherlands and were accepted as a breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1980. The rabbitry began in 2019 when acquiring two meat rabbits. We breed Mini Lops and Mini Rex exclusively! Holland Lops are the smallest lop ear breed, they weigh 3-4 pounds, though some get as big as 6lbs and some as small as 2lbs! They are characterized by their chunky thick build, including a bulldog head, tree trunk legs and short, thick lop ears. Sep 29, 2011 · I live in Buffalo new york and want to buy a mini lop bunny. $40. For $85 she comes with a pedigree. Mini Lop for sale in New York. We have Mini Lops and Polish rabbits for show/brood or some for pet homes :) We only breed to attain the breed standard of perfection, health, type, and personality. Or, to see a list of ALL the French Lop Rabbit breeders in the US: Click Here! Also, check out New York breeders of some other farm animals: Standardbred Horse, Fainting (Myotonic) Goat, or Ayam Cemani Chicken I am currently looking for the best homes for my home bred little ones. 00 mini rex 15. Health Warranty & Pedigree provided. All our Holland Lops come from the champion lines of Smith's and Rachel’s Rabbitry. Breeders and owners both enjoy Holland Lop Rabbits. Here at frosty beach rabbitry, we breed and raise mainly quality mini rex in the colors Black, Broken, Castor, Black otter, opal, and red. It is different from the Miniature Lop breed that is recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC). 17 Apr 2015 The Long Island Rabbit Breeder Association's Annual Spring Show in a renovated barn in the postcard-like town of Old Bethpage, New York. Saturday September 24, 2016. Proudly raising Holland Lops, Mini Satins, and a few Dwarf Hotots Mini lop rabbits are a medium sized lop rabbit. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats have 4 rabbits for sale. Pedigree ear tattoo binder with adjustment information and starter food . Thus, you can rest assured  You might be in luck because at my New York Mini Lop Rabbitry we breed and raise top quality Mini Lop Bunnies. Marley comes with a brand new indoor cage I bought in April of last year ($70. Before you get a Mini Lop, make sure you do your research and go to a good breeder or reliable rescue. Our rabbits are worked with every day and receive lots of loving care since birth. #34 - Female Charlie Tri Mini Lop - DEPOSIT RECEIVED - Jada H - P/U 24th #11 - Female Solid Red Mini Satin Rex (She does have a small smudge of chocolate color on her nose) #38 - Male Harlequin Mini Lop - DEPOSIT RECEIVED - Jasmine D. Located in Upstate NY. L ocated in Mocksville, NC, Lily Patch Farm is a private family owned rabbitry specializing in beautiful and healthy English Lop rabbits. new york city (nyc) norfolk / hampton roads Mini lop bunnies for SALE! $65 Rabbit Bunny meat pet breeder $15 Apr 20, 2015 · mini lop 13. This is my 17th year raising rabbits. com Phone: 5183617337 Location: Fort Ann, New York North Carolina back Welcome to Munks Mini Lops. We raise Holland Lops and Mini Pigs in beautiful Snohomish, WA. </p> <p>These rabbits were first shown at a Dutch show in 1964 under the name Dwarf Rex. image 1 of 7. for sale, beautiful Mini Lop Babies FOR SALE. President Vice President AMERICAN BELGIAN HARE CLUB AMERICAN NETHERLAND DWARF RABBIT HOLLAND LOP RABBIT SPECIALTY CLUBJessica Barabe 86 River Street Riverside, RI 02915 CLUB Susan Smith 864 Barkers Creek Road, Whittier, Pandora Allen 2633 Seven Eleven Rd, Chesapeake, VAMembership: $7. petzlov. All our bunnies have a health guarantee and go home with 1-2 weeks worth of food and information on care, training, nutrition and health. I have grown up around animals all of my life and absolutely love them! I have owned bunnies for several years and have been breeding them for the past few years. We offer high quality, good genetics, gentle, colorful truly small Holland lops. We breed Netherland Dwarfs & Mini Lops in a variety of rare colors. Ringoes, New jersey (908) 872-9045 HOLLAND LOP DOES. We are proud members of . Voorheesville NY United States 12186 Local Rabbit Breeders Directory. More individual breed pages will probably be added as the directory expands. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported These are my Velveteen Lops! For those who are not familiar, this is a breed! It's a fairly new breed but yes, it's a breed and if you have not had a chance to become familiar with this breed, check out the link below. AFL Color Guide; All About Mini Lops. A darling little solid black Holland Lop baby that is a little shy if she doesn't know you. It is, however, a different breed from the Mini Lop that is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Pets do not come with pedigrees but do come with a small transition bag of feed. Four Paws Up Vin-Laur Farms Rabbitry, Western, NY, Dwarf Hotots, Mini Rex, and Holland Lops, vinlaurfarms@wildblue. Pearl River NY, in Rockland County. by madysenf - Stony Creek, New York - - a day ago 8 week old holland lops ready to go 973-602-9480 - $300 WEBSITE: www. Purebred Holland Lop bunnies for sale. Twelve weeks old, tame and used to being handled. After Brownie died Riss's Rabbits was established. I am a member of the Long Island Rabbit Breeders Association. com 352-854-1714 Below you will find the supply list of items you should purchase before you bring your bunny home with you. She realized that there was something different about a few of the kits within the nest, as some of them had thicker, longer, and more luxurious coats than the rest. rr. Our first litter is from our mini lop doe Chocolate Truffle and our buck Touchstone. Find Mini Lop Rabbits on www. SaratogaSpringsNY Raising show quality Mini Lops & French lops Thank you for looking at my page and if you have any questions feel free to Apr 06, 2015 · The rabbit will be replaced for one of equal value, same gender, and of the same breed. Dec 14, 2015 · Mini Lop Rabbits For Sale In New York I'm sorry, there are currently no breeders that we have located in this state Can’t find the right Mini Lop Rabbit in New York?   Check in: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, or Ohio. , They have a wonderful temperament and are easy to train. North Central Missouri Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop, English Lop, Mini Rex, Satin . 00 10. Each bun will go home  Rabbit Rescue & Rehab is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving the greater NYC area. You can see a full list on my web site http://radicalrabbits. Located in Sioux City iowa, I wont travel but I will work with your transport. They also come in a variety of colors. Our website is designed to provide information to anyone interested in our rabbits. Pitter Patter's Mini Lop Bucks. Illness or death must be reported to me within 12 hour of it occurring and the a rabbit must be seen within 12 hours of the report by a qualified vet. 20 May 2020 VOORHEESVILLE - Growing up on a farm in upstate New York, Stacey Curley has always loved animals, especially rare and exotic rabbits. Find Rabbits for Sale in Poughkeepsie, NY on Oodle Classifieds. Rabbit care advice and supplies in the Capital Region. American Rabbits; American Fuzzy Lop Rabbits; American Sable Rabbits  This is a very popular little rabbit, at one point usurping the Netherland Dwarf So, during the 1980s and early 90s a group of British breeders decided to work on a "Mini Lop", using lines already in the country. <. 00 great for 4 h . 50 child NC 28789 Membership: Adult: $15. Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Lionheads. She is friendly, MINI LOP - Nikki White (Reguli Cavy & Rabbit Stud) This is a very popular little rabbit, at one point usurping the Netherland Dwarf as a pet or an exhibition rabbit - the Neths all but disappeared from the show table while the Mini Lops overran it. We also raise cross-breed rabbits for meat, breeding or pet. Here you will find  13 Oct 2019 The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently accepts five varieties, and new lop-eared rabbit breeds are constantly being bred. 14,09 Hidden Valley's Mini Pigs were Featured live on the Tyra Banks show in New York City, NY & aired on national T. We also breed lionheads but do not currently show Other Lionhead breeders. Holland lops for sale Please read my sales policy page before inquiring about a bunny. Breeder of quality American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex, and Holland Lop rabbits for 4-H and show. They generally know at least the minimal information needed to care for their bunnies properly. Sharrol Williams Aurora, Alabama ABC rabbitry iikereeses94@gmail. From there it has been a growing and learning experience of shows and breeders that have lead us to establish this endeavor. I have bunnies for sale in Colorado in breeds Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, and Lionhead in many colors. Danny raises and shows Mini-rex. Super Cute Holland Lops. com 786-202-0990. Lots of Lops Rabbitry is located in the Bay Area of California. I've looked everywhere but can't find anyone close. 00 6. net. Yazuny Dalton. If you are looking for available Mini Lops, please see our For Sale page. 00 5. Small rabbitry located in the Binghamton, NY area (Maine, NY). Here at Phoenix Hollands, we are focused on developing and enhancing the Holland Lop breed. Robin’s Backyard Bunnys. Among the many distinct breeds of rabbits, common pets include Lops (droopy-eared bunnies) that cost $15-$60, Dwarfs (weighing only 1-3 pounds) priced $25-$40 and Mini Rex (gentle and intelligent creatures with alert pointy ears) for $10-$50. new york city (nyc) norfolk / hampton roads Mini Lop Bunny-Rabbit Brown and White $45 Meat Breed Stock Rabbit Sallander $60 for sale, holland lop bunnies for sale. Munchkinland Rabbitry is a fairly small and growing Rabbitry. 00 + $2. Holland Lop cross: $25-$50 We have found some of the cutest bunnies are the lop, lionhead cross bunnies and also the Rex, Holland lop cross. We live in 8464 Galten (mid / east Jutland) Here you can follow our rabbits. We show in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. They are among the dwarf rabbit breeds weighing between only 3 1/2 and 4 pounds and they come in a surprising array of beautiful colors. Breeder Listing The ARBA Breeder List represents only those who have purchased this service. We often have uniquely colored pets available & BEW gene carriers. American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Recognized Rabbit Breeds and then later in New York to be a large breed of Chinchilla rabbits to harvest their  Something exciting about a Mini Plush lop is its lack of excessive shedding like most rabbit breeds, making it an ideal house rabbit. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Livestock Breeders in Buffalo, NY. Ready to reserve now Will be ready to leave from the 14th of December May 12, 2013 · The Mini Lop originated in Holland when a breeder by the the name of Adrian de Cock aimed to combine the qualities of the Dwarf Lop and the Netherland Dwarf into a completely new breed. Hagaman 12086 jimbeau superior. 312 likes · 2 talking about this. The breed resembles the Holland Lop with the exception of it’s wool. Well a nice woman, who already had 4 guinea pigs came and bought us home. Check it out! joining the National Mini Lop Club to receive the booklet on Mini Lops. I don't breed more than necessary for a small show herd nor more than I can sell as pets. Bucks $35. Thank you! Located in Saratoga Springs NY Fawn color baby rabbits for sale. MINI LOPS KITS ON 11/16. No deposits excepted under 2 weeks of age and all deposits/sales are final. Holland Lops have been a part of my family since I was a child and I am happy to be sharing the same wonderful experiences I had with them with my own children. Erika Dickerson & Donna Fillmore Addison, NY & Cameron Mills, NY French Lop, Holland Lop,  Laura's Lops and Dwarfs Rabbitry, Maine, New York. 8 week old mini lops  Happy Manes Rabbitry. 00 8. Hauppage, NY, Barrons, 1989. they are fully up to date on all shots & dewormings (shot records in hand) Prices range between $60-150, depending on the breed. Now I specialize in Holland lops. Nov 26, 2020 · 8 Baby rex mini rex cross rabbits rabbit - $15 (Schenevus ny) Great little rabbits been handled a lot very tame, they are 8 weeks old cross between rex and mini rex ,other rabbits listed also need to cut back . Nov 28, 2020 · Bunny Blue Eyes is a small family run, ARBA registered, indoor hobby rabbitry located in Southern New Jersey, established in 2011. Only the blue otter doe and chestnut buck are available with pedigree and would Our family has been raising and selling Mini Lop Bunnies since 2017. These breeders tend to be small time rabbit raisers and usually keep between three and twenty rabbits at a time. We have been selectively breeding miniature pigs for over 20 years. Results 1 - 20 of 64 rabbit breeders ny A small rabbitry in Upstate NY with Champagne d 39 Argent rabbits. Hoppy Meadows is a family owned Rabbitry. We are a small rabbitry that started as a 4-H project. Come to the shelter to visit the rabbits! If you fall in love with a rabbit (or two), you can fill out an adoption form and schedule a home visit. We have grand champion lines. Update (5/14/2017) - the chestnut and one black are off to their new homes. Mini Lop Rabbits available for sale in New York, ny from top breeders and individuals. </p> <p>Tualatin, Oregon milbauer2008@hotmail. The ne Deb's Barn Bunnies is a small rabbitry of about 50 holes located in northeast PA. We don't attend many shows nowadays, but are enjoying working on this rare color. Show and pet rabbits available for sale. Please note the following: The ARBA is not responsible for the content of any link, however; inappropriate links will be removed. Welcome to Lion N' Lop Farms of Vergennes, V. Build A Bear Workshop Rabbit Bunny & Deer in Original Clothes Plush To. Loves the cardboard toys and throws them around the cage. Lagrangeville, New York Long Eared Little Blessings MNL Rabbitry Upstate NY. Find Lhasa Apso Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Lhasa Apso information. They make wonderful, sweet-tempered companions. Cindy is a good little bunny and needs someone to love. Will be ready October 8th . I take much pride and joy into each rabbit I get or raise. Heather Murguia Heather’s Honey Bunnies USA Visalia, CA hhbrabbitry@gmail. Various ages and sexes, all older than 8 wee. 1 BEW - all white with blue eyes , boy - 1. I raise and show black, blue and chocolate Polish. They. Holland Lops (small rabbit, around 3 1/2 lbs, floppy ears) in black and blue tortoise shell (tort) Belgian Hares (large, full arch bodied, long-legged, about 8 lbs,) Standard Rabbits at Livestock Of America - Rabbit ranches, Rabbits for sale, Rabbit studs, and Rabbit information. May 14, 2017 · As you can see from the photos, they will most likely have the flat nose of the Holland Lop, and the upright ears of the Mini Rex. Holland Lops are a friendly breed of rabbits; the more they are handled, the friendlier they become. From Mini Lop for sale in New York, ny. The Kids Rabbitry. We breed our rabbits to the American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. Lionheads are also a dwarf breed with the fluffiest bunny mane and only grow to 2-4 pounds. She is a beautiful chocolate colored Mini Lop female, and we believe she is 1-2 years old. At Pitter Patter Rabbitry we focus on breeding purebred, show quality, double maned Lionheads and Mini Lops. The Mini Lop is perhaps one of the most, if not the most popular rabbit breed in the world. The New York Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association is an official non-profit incorporated organization dedicated to promoting the showing and breeding of  We are members of the Berks County 4 H Rabbit and Cavy Club and the American Rabbit Breeders Association ARBA . Aug 21, 2012 · Welcome to Bunny Valley! We specialize in raising Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionheads, Holland Lop, Mini Lops and Beverens for show, breeding, meat and pet. At Peachy Buns' Rabbitry, we are focusing on the dilute colors. Together our family breeds and raises Holland Lop Rabbits. Rabbitry raising quality pedigreed Mini Lops and Holland lops since 2009. 00 netherland dwarf 15. by blanche20 - New York, New York - - 4 months ago. Mar 26, 2020 · Reputable breeders of Mini Lop rabbits have extensive experience and have researched the breed thoroughly to produce healthy, show-quality rabbits. 6/19 TARBA – Cortland, NY. 15 Tips for New Breeders; Breeder & Show Language; Basic Pet Care Apr 15, 2020 - Holland Lop bunnies new york, lewiston. #308917 I have 3 purebred Holland Lop bunnies. If you have a pedigree with the prefix "BBF's", that stands for Blackberry Farm and that rabbit was bred here at Blackberry Farm, an ARBA registered rabbitry. 3 are black and white spotted, 2 have blue eyes and are female the other has brown eyes and is a male. Polish rabbits only weigh about 3 lbs as adults. ) They represent the broad diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of time, talent, and energy to ensure the education, promotion, and growth of the Mini Lop Breed. Laura Robinson Bendigo Victoria, Alabama Golden Rose Rabbitry warf-lop-rabbitry. Today the breed is raised mainly as a show animal and also as pets. com, is a non-profit, tax-deductible 501(c)(3) adoption advertising charity. com www. We are also members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club, Lionhead Club, and American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club. Americanlisted has classifieds in East Fishkill, New York for dogs and cats. Your Mini Lop Rabbitry Breeder Listing Here. You may also consider searching for rabbit rescues in your area before buying from a breeder. They are known for having nice temperments and being a little more laid back than a Holland Lop, although each rabbit has its own personility. - Home of the Original Mini Plush Lop - Welcome to Ellie’s Rabbitry - specializing in true Mini Plush Lops, one of the most unique, rare and beautiful rabbit breeds that SHED LESS! Also breeding Holland Lops, Lionheads and English Angora! Located in Lexington Kentucky, Ellie's Rabbitry ships to the lower 48 United States. The American Rabbit Breeders Association Oct 26, 2020 · Here at Hidden Mountain Rabbitry, we specialize in breeding show quality Mini Rex, New Zealands, Californians, and Satins, and we are also part of the Dalmatian Rex project in the US . This is primarily Linda's project, and she welcomes questions and visitors to both the website and the farm. BEW Hollands and Lioneads And beyond pet shops, there are other means to buy bunnies — online or from breeders. I am half of a mini lop couple, with Ruthy! We were brought in because we couldn't go to the new apartment. They are highly socialized and would make great pets. Plush Lop We pride ourselves on breeding the highest quality purebred rabbits, including Dwarf Lops, Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Plush Lops, with great temperaments, for pets and for show. 00 yf creme d’argent 10. Blue Eyed Lops We stand out from the average holland lop breeder because we have a selection of rare blue eyed lops. com 530-613-5240. </p> <p>405-655-1406, Liberty Acres </p> <p May 22, 2010 · Upcoming 2010 New York Shows. Sharon Lynn Lynn’s Rabbits USA Belleview, FL sharonlynn@cfl. Steel, black and chestnut. Please E-mail with any questions and we look forward to hearing from you. Breeding, raising and showing rabbits: Americans, Cinnamons, English Spots, Flemish Giants, Giants Chinchillas, Rhinelanders, Havanas, Thriantas, Creme D'argents Welcome To Dragonfly Farm, the ONLY Licensed and registered Mini Pig and Holland Lop Farm in WA. Dr Gerry Skinner does full health checks and vaccinations at around 5 weeks of age. The rabbitry is named after my two children, Joseph and Kerrie. The breed comes in many different colors, making them very unique. I became interested in showing rabbits and progressed to purebred Mini Lops. Mini Plush lops are a rare specialty breed with fur instead of hair that sheds less! Mini Plush Lops are a very good option for those who tend to be allergic to animals. Our rabbitry is small, consisting of just 21 rabbits total. Mini Lop Rabbitry Listings. These little ones have had lots of love given to them from myself and our five children! Mini Lops and Holland Lops Have Arrived We are excited to announce the arrival of 2 new litters of kits this morning. com Golden-Rose-Rabbitry@hotmail. The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a small sized breed. The rabbitry is owned by Maggie, Michaela, and Asher Hoffman. The Mini Rex originates from the Netherlands where Netherland Dwarfs were crossed with Rex rabbits to create a Dwarf rabbit with a Rex coat (the rabbit’s hair stands on end rather than lying flat). It was just to much for him. About your Bunny Breeder: My name is Anna and I am the proud owner of For The Love of Sandy Rabbitry (FLS Rabbitry) Thank your for choosing me as your Bunny Breeder. Barlows Rabbitry is a rabbit farm and breeder located in Copake, NY. 661-332-5253 Rabbits for sale, flemish giant rabbit breeder, we have quality flemish giant rabbits, french lop rabbits, english lop rabbits, mini lop rabbits, american rabbit breeders association. The breed arrived in the United States in the mid-1970s. I strive for a quality animal with type, strong genetics, and a good temperament. Our Netherland Dwarfs come from the champion lines of Cole Simons, Tamie and Allen File, and Tim Reese. Our rabbitry is a closed rabbitry and we do not offer visits to the public. 00 ny new zealand 12. We have Holland Lops, Mini Rex, and Polish available now. Cottontail Rabbitry Has Moved to Conway NH We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and are also members of the National Specialty Rabbit Clubs for Satin, Mini Lop and English Spot. I prefer the newest breed of rabbit, only in a few states. 1 BIS, 1BRIS, 7 BOV,1 BOSV, 1-1st pl. They are not to be confused with the holland lop, whom is smaller. 00 cinnamon 10. Welcome to our online Meat Rabbit Breeder List – the place to find meat rabbits for sale and meat rabbit breeders near you. ) French Lops and English Lops are larger. UPDATES: Chubbz had a litter of 2 on July 19 Lots of breedings done on August 12, check out the Welcome to Joe-Kerr Rabbitry, owned by Richard D'Ambrogio. We raise quality Mini Lops in upstate New York. A Mini Rex crossed with a Holland Lop will give you smallish (5 - 6 lbs), rather nondescript mixed-breeds with normal coats and normal ears that may wobble a bit. UPDATES: Chubbz had a litter of 2 on July 19 Lots of breedings done on August 12, check out the Nov 29, 2020 · Luv Lops Rabbitry, established in 2010, is owned by Debbie, Rachel, and Maria Selhost. petzlover. Nov 28, 2020 · In order for Luv Lops to place a sale rabbit “on hold” for pick-up at an upcoming national show, i. I also raise tort and blue tort Holland Lops. 04/24/2018 Mini Rex (small rabbit, around 4lbs, very short, plush fur type) in Black, Chocolate, Harlequin, Opal, Blue, Orange/Black tri-colored, Blue-eyed white and Ruby-Eyed White. Fuzzy Tail Rabbitry is a small rabbitry that raises Holland Lop, Polish, and Mini Rex rabbits to show and hop. They weight 3 1/2 to 4 lbs. 5-4 lbs as an adult. Nyrcba Event. com 717-574-2601 Holland Lops, English Lops, Mini Lops, Lionheads We show holland lops, mini lops, and english lops. new york city (nyc) norfolk / hampton roads Mini lop lion head mix Bunnies $50 new zealand/californian breeder rabbits $75 Rabbits, Holland Lops, Netherland dwarfs and lionheads for sale southwest of San Antonio. Note that the New England cottontail averages just slightly smaller than the eastern cottontail;  Cayuga Lake Area Rabbit & Cavy Club (CLARCC) would like to welcome you to This year we will be back at the Fingerlakes Mall Event Center in Auburn NY – things: The Show Sanction An American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)   Below is a list of all the Rabbit Breeds That Can Be Found at Adopt-a-Pet. Because of the beauty of this variety breeders hesitate to cull for perfection instead choose to float the pet market . 16124 klrickert@windstream. We have changed a lot over the years, but our commitment to quality and care is the same. Your New York Rabbitry Listing Here. com please take the time and read all the following below to understand how much pride I take in my rabbits: Bunnies range $300 and Sep 25, 2020 · Welcome to our Bundles of Bunnies Rabbitry webpage! My name is Brandy, my daughter and I strive to raise the best rabbits we can, in type, health, temperament, and personality. Located in Newfane(near Buffalo) in New York State. We also rescue and rehome lop rabbits so please look at the rescue page and see what we have looking for 5* homes. Please feel free to explore the site. While they can easily make their home in the wild rabbits are als The Breeder s  All breeders in the US are subject to the Animal Welfare Act which applies if they sell more Unfortunately, no definition of "baby rabbit" can be found, making the minimum age to From Mckinney's Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated,. All of our rabbits have nice temperaments and we breed for show quality. We are located in Western New York (Scottsville, New York) which is located near Rochester. I have 3 year old Minni lop rabbit named Marley, he's sweet likes to play and loves being outside. We, my 3 children Gustav, Sissel, Alberte and I, have a small breeding of Mini Lops! The majority of our breeding material has been imported from England and purchased from skilled mini lop breeders exhibiting their animals. We breed for health, type, personality, bloodlines, and the improvement of some of the more uncommon colours in both breeds. 6/26 Chautauqua County – Dunkirk, NY. We are a family owned business and we work very hard to keep raise happy and healthy animals. There are only 2 qualified Mini Plush Lop breeders in the United States that carry undiluted pure lines from Devi D'Aniballe's original Mini Plush Lop herd. lindstrom - 3025 kristin & maclin norray – 979 christina rich – 618 jersey wooly buell/forward – 3605 charlotte schweikart – 831 jersey wooly melanie lyons – 1464 charles hardin – 396 mini lop richard d’ambrogio - 3720 jacob weber - 1979 judy blodgett - 1514 mini lop kevin schenck – 1378 A robber rabbit is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series. Explore 276 listings for Baby mini lop rabbits for sale at best prices. We focus on five breeds: Holland lops, English lops, Lionheads, Lionlops, and Flemish giants. We offer brood & show rabbits to serious fanciers and quality rabbits as pets for those looking for an extra special bunny. Ringoes, New jersey (908) 872-9045 Holland Lop bunnies for sale. Our mission (and passion) is to help Holland Lop & Mini Lop Purebred Holland Lops. NY Bunny Rabbit Breeders List. Index of Rabbit Breeders. Breed: Mini Lop Color: Broken Orange Sex: Doe Price: $325 Ready to Leave: Now NY 12567 860 Nov 11, 2020 · Holland Lops & Mini Lops We raise an assortment of colors in Holland Lops, Mini Lops specializing in; BEW (Blue Eyed White) and Tri Color we get a variety of other colors in our litters. My babies are  page of Su The Rabbit Lady! I am based in Ronkonkoma, NY on Long Island and I have been breeding and selling rabbits for over fifteen years. by scottishfoldus - New York City, New York - - 5 hours ago French bulldog puppies - $3,000 hello i have a few french bulldog puppies available. We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club, and Mini Rex Club. Find Rabbits for Sale in New York on Oodle Classifieds. I was first introduced to this breed about 5 years ago when I happened to see this adorable lop eared rex furred bunny. com. Brownie lived 8 years and then he got a large abscess on his chin. We also raise Miniature Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats and Shetland sheep . 7/24 NYS Mini-Rex – Sherrill Miniature Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit recognised by the British Rabbit Council (BRC). created by devie d'anniballe, in north eastern ohio, she has worked on this breed for over 12 years as of 2008, the best of mini rex and holland lop, comes a small 1-2 lb bunny with the lopped ears, of a holland lop and the rex fur (velvet) of a mini rex. We work with a variety of colors in both breeds including blue-eyed white (BEW), vienna marked (VM), Harlequins, and Magpies. g. Americanlisted has classifieds in Hauppauge, New York for dogs and cats. com – Classifieds across New Jersey. I actively breed and show my Holland Lops and Dwarf Papillons, which are bred in accordance with the ARBA Standard of Perfection. I do not sell or reserve bunnies under 8 weeks of age. They are also registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. <p>Blinn Farms Rabbitry used for the up-keep and welfare of our rabbits. I knew from having Brownie that Mini Lops were my favorite breed and I wanted to continue with them. Around here, you might be able to give such animals away, but anybody that paid more than about $1/pound would be getting ripped off, and it wouldn't take them long to start saying so Americanlisted has classifieds in Kenwood, New York for dogs and cats. Have recently added Lionheads, French Lops, and English Lops. com. It’s small size and floppy ears certainly make it appealing and many fanciers fall for the charms of this cute bunny. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - holland lop rabbits listings. males (m) are $100 each & females (f) are $125 eac. As we reached 7 months, the nice woman that saved us, began having family issues, and made a heartbreaking choice to bring us to a guinea pig rescue. Our mission is to rescue abused, neglected or abandoned rabbits; have them medically treated and spayed/neutered; and place them in  Adopted Rabbits of Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. I have four babies available, 3 does and one buck. Mini Lop - Classifieds in Geneva, NY: Mini lop baby bunnies, Mini lop Rabbits Wayland, RABBITS NEEDING THEIR FOREVER HOMES, Rabbits wayland. The English Lop is the earliest of the lop-eared breeds and has been bred in Britain considering that the 18th century. com and HollywoodGermanShepherds. Please feel free to check out the website and if you would like to contact me it will be under the contact tab. Cockatiel Rescue organization work hard to prepare Cockatiels for their next home, and will work with you to find a bird whose temperament will suit your lifestyle. I am a Veterinary Nurse, so I administer this myself. We have a variety of French, Mini Lops & Netherland Dwarfs, we started off with a rabbit each for the children ( Flopsy & Muffin ), and it took off from there, please have a look on Our Does / Bucks pages to see them all. Kelinci Perkelincian Rabbit Kelinci perkelincian rabbit rabbitry in Indonesia. Belle's Bunnies is a private, family-run Holland Lop rabbitry located in the Nashville, TN area. Mini Rex (castors, blacks, browns, and whites) and Holland Lops (Black and Blues and broken blacks and blues. Yellow Brook Rabbitry is devoted to raising high quality Holland Lop and English Spot rabbits. Nov 06, 2020 · High Quality, Purebred & Pedigreed Rabbits "Zele's Hollow" is a rabbitry located in Pine Plains, NY close to both CT & MA. 00 2 member 23322 Our rabbits are vet checked by Melbourne’s leading rabbit clinic – The Rabbit Doctors. Growing up I've always had holland and mini lops and have grown to love the lop breed. This is purely In most cases, members opt-in when joining or renewing their membership with the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association. We love each and every rabbit we own! We enjoy seeing our new additions each time our Does kindle. Pet/4H sales: Does $35. We are a small rabbitry located in the Hudson Valley, NY. 00 2 member 23322 * ALL BREED RABBIT SHOW * Special Award for *Best “Uncommon” Breed * Specialty Shows: 2 Mini Lop, 2 Polish, 2 Thrianta, American Chinchilla, Netherland Dwarf, Argente Brun * Rabbit Hopping Competition * Our goal is nothing short of being the premier Rabbit and Cavy show event in New York State. My daughter and I breed selectively, to produce Hollands and Mini Rex by ARBA standards of perfection, for us to show together. MINI LOP – Open & Youth - RRCBA AMERICAN CAVY BREEDERS ASSOCIATION Dan McParland 2719 Coventry Lane New York 14004 716-937-6433 havanamom28@gmail. We are located in Schenectady, New York, which is located 20 minutes outside of Albany. Other lop breeds such as Minilops (6-7 lbs. 2K likes. Rabbit Breeders in Buffalo on YP. The Mini Lop possesses blood from the Netherland Dwarf, the Dwarf Lop and, from 1952, the English Lop The first time we saw a Holland lop with blue eyes our hearts melted. The cheapest offer starts at $ 40. (In the UK, the Miniature Lop is sometimes called—for short—the "Mini Lop". Cage (we like cages around 3 ½’-4' long with plastic bottoms and a large door in front or on the top of the cage so that you can get the bunny out easily and get the litter pan our easily when you are cleaning the cage. We are a registered Rabbitry and registered members of American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), American Mini Lop Rabbit Club (AMLRC), Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America (MLRCA) and Silver Marten Rabbit Club (SMRC). Our purpose is to rescue abandoned domesticated rabbits, rehabilitate them, and find them permanent indoor homes. Email: hoppymeadowsrabbitry@gmail. 1. Table 1. Pip Brant Hasenblut Rabbitry USA Hollywood, FL bunipu@gmail. Their Mum is a seal point mini lop, her Dad is a blue torte mini lop from a show breeder. Chicken, chicks, roosters, hens, rabbit, bunny, bunnies, ducks, duck, ducklings. American Fuzzy Lops are an active, playful breed with lots of personality. The Dwarf is a relatively new Lop breed. Mini Lop Rabbits available for sale in New York from top breeders and individuals. Our guinea pig breeder put an ad up that she would let us go into the wild if someone didn't save us. 00 champagne d’argent 10. Holland Lops are a mid-sized rabbit and to be eligible for show, both bucks and does may not exceed 4 po Ringoes, New jersey (908) 872-9045 Holland Lop bunnies for sale. A cash refund will not be given. Please see our sale page for more information. Backyard Rabbitry Breeders. Mini Lop and similar listings - Classifieds in Geneva, NY: Rabbits wayland, RABBITS NEEDING THEIR FOREVER HOMES, Mini lop Rabbits Wayland. on Nov 9, 2009 on the CW Network. $30 ( SYRACUSE) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. We feel temperment is very important & we socialize our bunnies as much as possible. Are there petshops or breeders in buffalo new york that sell mini lops? Mini lop rabbit $35 to 100. > favorite this post Nov 11  NYS Rabbit & Cavy Breeder's Assoc. All of our rabbits are show able and may also make great pets or meat and fur production rabbits. holland lop rabbits in Fairport, New York at AmericanListed. We really enjoy spending time with our bunnies and watching them grow. If you don't see something you are interested in, please email us and maybe we can direct you to a breeder that may have it or we may have it and not have it listed. Jun 14, 2016 · The Mini Lop is a very popular rabbit breed that is included in various rabbit reveals throughout the United States and is also kept as a pet. twin tiers NY/PA (tts) washington, DC (wdc) Mini Rex bunnies bunny rabbits rabbit REHOMING TAN MINI LOP BUNNY RABBIT The Mini Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit that is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Holland Lops are most popular for their docile, sweet personalities as well as their long floppy ears and intelligence. Due to House Rabbit Society's continued urging, Pets in the Classroom has HRS Supports Ban on Pet Store Sales of Rabbits, Cats, and Dogs – NY. Holland lop breeders in ma Mini Lop For Sale Ny here at hidden valley we raise amp specialize in many breeds most  This is the Angora rabbit, one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbit. Our farm focuses on healthy, small, colorful pigs that are full of personality! We have some of the original lines of truly small Miniature Vietnamese Potbelly Pig. The culture of "showing rabbits" is not like showing dogs, more like part of a 4-H club and also a big kids' hobby. As of February 1st, 2014 they have been eligible to show for Best in Show Barlows Rabbitry, Copake, New York. If you are a lionhead rabbit breeder you can get listed at our website by sending an e-mail with information about your rabbitry. Holland lops are a docile, sweet breed that love affection and companionship. holland lop david m. Fredonia,Pa. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats Miniature Lop is a breed of domestic rabbit recognised by the British Rabbit Council (BRC). All About Holland Lops. - P/U 30th Oct. I will get to go home with my sister once we get spayed! We both use our litterbox but we do like to dig. Grand Finals & Convention. Very soft and cuddly. "Rabbits  Adoption Process. Its purpose is a resource for other Mini Lop breeders, and a resource for those interested in getting started with the New York. Then fell in love with the Holland Lop breed in 1985 and raised them ever since. Our Holland Lop bloodlines go back to some of the top lines in the country, and our main focus is breeding top show quality tort Hollands with excellent temperaments A little about us We are a small rabbitry breeding Mini Lops, Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs, and are located in the Greater Binghamton, NY area. American Fuzzy Lop Brief Description : The American Fuzzy Lop is similar in appearance to a Holland Lop with the exception of its wool. The AMLRC members listed here have done so voluntarily as they welcome inquiries about stock and questions about the breed. We love our Holland Lops and truly believe they make wonderful family pets. V. Humane America Animal Foundation, dba Adopt-a-Pet. 00 15. Oct 26, 2020 · Hello, and welcome to Phoenix Hollands. Heavenly Bunnies Rabbitry, Laurel Springs, NJ, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop, Havana , heavenlybunnies@comcast. 2010 ARBA Convention 6/5 Mohawk Valley – Frankfort, NY. for sale, Mini - Lop - Benny - Medium - Baby - Male - Rabbit Benny is a big boy who is und. There, you can see the parents to most of our bunnies. com – Classifieds across New York. The Mini Lop was successfully accepted into the ARBA later in 1980 by a man named Herby Dyke. Eats everything you put in the bunny feed bowl. Lop-  18 Dec 2014 rabbit. Nov 06, 2015 · Breeders will bring their rabbits that would make wonderful pets, but are either too old (relatively) or not qualified as a "show" rabbit. I have only Holland Lops (NOT Minilops). And specialize in the shaded varieties. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry and we are members of the Radical Rabbits 4-H club in Wyoming County, PA. . We get to have boxes and papers in our playpen. com </p> <p>LOJ Queso and Smokey's Sonny won BOB and BOSB the day after the Mini Lop Nationals! Welcome to my Mini Lop website! Edwardsville, Illinois </p> <p>If you’re interested in joining the AMLRC, go to the. We also raise English Angora   Learn more about American Mini Lop Rabbit Club and how you can become a member. We raise French Angoras, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops, Himalayan, Silvers, and Florida Whites. You will have a color guide and learn about the breed with the booklet. I am a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association, Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association, Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, American Thrianta Rabbit Breeders Association, American Polish Rabbit Club, a 4-H leader, and a These are the smallest of all the lops. proven broken opal mini lop doe. I am an open class breeder recognized with the international parent club (American Rabbit Breeders Association), the national breed club (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club), the state club (Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association), and local club (Medina County Rabbit As of 2019 I have decided to limit my sales of tri mini rex my main objective is to breed-raise and show quality stock -hoping to compete on the show table and have judges take notice of this beautiful variety again. Lionhead rabbit is one of the newer breeds of domestic rabbits in the United States, and has recently passed the American Rabbit Breeders' Association presentation process and has been accepted as an ARBA recognized breed in the varieties of Tortoise and Ruby Eyed White. All of them have very strict buying policies. Nov 24, 2020 · In addition to being breeders we consider ourselves educators and enjoy teaching people about the animals we raise. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and other classifieds in your neighborhood. net Phone: 315-594-2618 :Location: Wolcott, New York Cherokee Acres Breeds: Jersie Woolies, Lionheads, French Lops, Fuzzy Lops and Holland Lops Victoria Vrooman Email: victoriavrooman@yahoo. Home Of Award Winning Rabbits Frosty Beach rabbitry is located in a small town called Newark, NY. Land o' Lops rabbitry is a small rabbitry breeding quality Mini Lops, Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarfs. Montour Ridge Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Northumberland, PA. Alabama. full grown. 00) Marley ($25. buy rabbits, Longg Ears Bunny Barn 60 Water St. Welcome to Clarissa's rabbitry. Standard of Perfection. bunnyrabbitry. People often compare them to having puppy like personalities. We are now located in Galivants Ferry, South CarolinaPreviously from New York!. Robin Hruz Berks County, PA French Lops, English Lops, Velveteen Lops {my granddaughter has Fuzzy Lops} Small rabbitry raising bunnies for show & pet. We aim to reply to your request within 24 hours. We would love to hear from all of our adopters…Send us your LIRRG Happy Tail! Results 1 - 19 of 19 The breed 39 s roots are in Holland where a dutch rabbit breeder by the name of County Los Angeles rabbits Blue Chocolate Dwarf Chocolate Aug 14 2020 The proposed bill in New York state S. net (724)475-4318 We have been raising Holland Lops since 1992. BELGIAN HARES Mini Lops and Holland Lops Have Arrived We are excited to announce the arrival of 2 new litters of kits this morning. Our sister Rabbitry is Starling Lops Rabbitry, located in Ashtabula, Ohio. Old Uncle Mayor de Blasio has made animal rights a part of his platform since his campaign promises (now made good) to introduce  Responsible NY based home breeder of Petite Mini Goldendoodles. Lop Color Guide; Building a Pole Barn. There are 3 solid black, and one chestnut (brown) available. Pure breed mini lops 1 buck 3 does Both parents can be seen or can send photos on request Comes with birth certificate, bag of change over food and some organic home made treats. Our LOPS Mini Lops are about the size of a basketball when full grown. Very playful with litter mates. Characteristics of American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit. Explore 74 listings for Baby mini lop rabbits for sale at best prices. The ARBA does not provide or imply a guarantee or warranty pertaining to the Aug 21, 2012 · Welcome to Bunny Valley! We specialize in raising Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Lionheads, Holland Lop, Mini Lops and Beverens for show, breeding, meat and pet. They are a sweet and docile breed. Therefore, our bunnies are very friendly and used to being handled. com holland lop bunnies, rabbits for sale, German Shepherd puppies and rabbit feed. I also breed Blue eyed Holland's . Prices: Holland Lops $75 each or 2 for $125. 6/12 Broome County – Ithaca, NY. We can list a phone number or e-mail address if you do not have a website. We pride ourselves on social bunnies that are proven mothers and produce good show stock. Mini Rex (small rabbit, around 4lbs, very short, plush fur type) in Black, Chocolate, Harlequin, Opal, Blue, Orange/Black tri-colored, Blue-eyed white and Ruby-Eyed White. Orleans County Fairgrounds. All of my rabbits receive great care & love. Housing Options; Hanging Cages; Automatic Watering Systems; Health Guide; Preventing Disease; Breeder Help. holland lop rabbits in New York at AmericanListed. Check it out! English Lop breeder in central New York state . webs. Please look under “for sale” for information on what we have available. Our bunnies have found their forever homes all around the region including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. We are located an hour south of Albany and two hours north of NYC. They are fully vaccinated against RVHD1, RVHD2 & Myxomatosis. It weighs 3. We breed quality, pedigreed rabbits for show and also for pets. Confusion arises because, in the UK, the Miniature Lop is often commonly called (for short) the Mini Lop. Fuzzy Tail's Pepper Black Polish Doe Born: 06/13/20 Pet quality Pepper is calm and sweet. The cheapest offer starts at £15. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported new york city (nyc) norfolk / hampton roads new zealand/californian breeder rabbits $75 Mini lops, mini rex, standard Rex $25 The Holland Lop breed was recognized by the national rabbit club in the Netherlands in 1964. For quality points we placed 27th. A resource list of where to go to get more information on rabbits. To inquire about bunnies, contact us . Located in Ontario, Canada we have sold around the world including Canada, United States, Asia, and Europe. One of the better places to buy rabbits is from Backyard Rabbitry Breeders. We focus on many things here at Misty Blue's Our Mini Lops are listed under our Mini Lop Does and Mini Lop Bucks tabs, they are the ones we show and breed. From there the farm grew Holland Lops & Mini Lops We raise an assortment of colors in Holland Lops, Mini Lops specializing in; BEW (Blue Eyed White) and Tri Color we get a variety of other colors in our litters. A Mini lop cannot weigh more than 6lbs. Americanlisted has classifieds in Elmsford, New York for dogs and cats. We started showing in 2005. All Lhasa Apso found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Dec 14, 2015 · Can’t find the right French Lop Rabbit in New York? Check in: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, or Ohio. Livestock Of America is the place to buy Rabbits online from Rabbit ranches across USA. Please text 704-728-4924 for available appointment times. The best loved pet Holland Lop bunnies for sale in NJ! Our beautiful Holland Lops are raised with love from birth and have begun litter training to make wonderful pets and great house rabbits. Holland Lop Rabbit Breeders; Mini Rex Rabbit Breeders My name is Cathee and my rabbitry, Sugarhill Hollands is located in Medina, Ohio in a quaint neighborhood, upon Sugarhill. We strive to breed quality rabbits for show, pets, and meat. We raise our rabbits for show, pets and meat. Our prices are as follows: Purebred, Pedigreed and free from DQs at time of sale: Does $40. Located in Litchfield County of Conneticut. 00 palomino 10. Here at Fisher Farms Rabbitry, everyone of our rabbits gets lots of time in the grass every week, weather permitting and is loved on every day. Adopt a rescue rabbit through PetCurious. Oct 21, 2020 · My name is Amanda and with my mom and Grandmas help I have started a Holland Lop Rabbitry. Breed: Mini Lop Color: Broken Orange Sex: Doe Price: $325 Ready to Leave: Now NY 12567 860 Funny Farm's Kia Multiple BOB Winner in PA, NY, MD, and WV #7 Top Lop (2014-2015) Rabbit Breeder in Westchester on YP. Vienna-marked Mini Lop Babies Stardust's is a family owned rabbitry and caviary located in Southern NH that prides itself on breeding top quality, friendly, and healthy animals for the show ring. As a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, I raise high quality Holland Lop rabbits for show or pets. For MLRCA youth sweepstakes 2009/2010 we placed 18th. Please check out the Breeding Program drop-down tabs for the latest Hidden Mountain news and to find information on our current breeders, breeding projects He was a Mini Lop who I named Brownie (pictured). Get Free Fuzzy Lops For Sale Ny now and use Fuzzy Lops For Sale Ny immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. Holland Lops have the cutest floppy ears and since they are a dwarf breed they always stay small, growing to only 3-5 pounds. 00 dutch We are a small hobby rabbitry located in upstate NY. com or facebook @ Radical Rabbits Rabbity. The 3rd rabbit is Sr. Mini - Lop - Hip Hop - Small - Adult - Female - Rabbit Hip Hop was brought to us after supposedly being left in a garage by an unknown person. Breed: Mini Lop Size: Small (under 2kg) Barney is an easy going, happy go lucky wee boy who isn’t asking for much - Just loads of head rubs! He is a very active, nosy, confident and friendly wee boy who settles in really quickly to your home and heart. HL Color Guide; All About Himalayans; All About American Fuzzy Lops. 2nd is a black otter buck he is $50 he doesn’t come with pedigree. Holland Lops (small rabbit, around 3 1/2 lbs, floppy ears) in black and blue tortoise shell (tort) Belgian Hares (large, full arch bodied, long-legged, about 8 lbs,) Standard Breeding and showing the holland lop, mini lop,and netherland dwarf rabbit breeds for over 30 years. Cindy can go home with you now. Contact: rabbitsunlimited @ yahoo . Medina’s Mini Mini Farm USA Auburn, CA 4mjmedina@gmail. Hoppy Meadows Rabbitry. Two black males available for $30 each new york city (nyc) norfolk / hampton roads new zealand/californian breeder rabbits $75 favorite this post Nov 2 Lionhead / mini lop baby rabbits $30 Holland lop bunnies 33 days ago in Brea, CA 8 week old Holland lop baby bunnies, very friendly, they are a dwarf breed only weighing 3-4 lbs ful Dec 05, 2019 · The first rabbit of this kind was presented to the American Breeder’s Association (ARBA) with the name “Klein Widder,” but the name changed to the Mini Lop in in 1974. We both raise and show REW and BEW Polish and Belgian Hares. 1 Jul 2020 Deadly new 'bunny Ebola' killing thousands of rabbits across US executive director of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, tells VIN  The Looking Glass Rabbitry. 00 cavy 10. 20 minutes west of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality animals to be the new members of your family. Valatie, NY | Bucky's Bunnies Breeds: Champion caliber breeder of Netherland  Located in Newfane(near Buffalo) in New York State. Rabbit rescue and adoption. “Double Rabbit and Cavy Pre Entry Show”. Bunny mills breed rabbits in time for Easter, she explained. Bunnies are handled daily. The offspring of our combined breedings are Starfire Hollands. We are a small privately owned rabbitry located in Western Pennsylvania. Apr 09, 2015 · Breeders profile: Everyone who purchases a bunny from me (I charge $100 per rabbit) gets a 1 hour Bonding, Handling, Care and Discipline lesson, as well, I come with the rabbit for life – as long as the bunny lives I am available for advice and tips. Rabbits Holland Lops, Dwarfs, and Lionheads for sale San Antonio Rabbits, Holland Lops, Netherland dwarfs and lionheads for sale southwest of San Antonio. Newark is right between Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. Lilac, Mini Lop, English Lop Small rabbitry focusing on Mini lop,Lilac,and English Lop breed. https Apr 19, 2020 · We raise Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Rex rabbits. LOL is located in North Central Massachusetts. These bunnies are a part of our family and are used to children and other animals. 68 likes. Dutch You have likely come across our page because you are looking to adopt a baby bunny from a reputable rabbit breeder in CT. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Livestock Breeders in Westchester, NY. 00) The Dwarf Lop is also often called the Mini Lop. Linda fell in love with them, and they are the only breed she has raised since 1995. American Fuzzy Lops have a very compact body that appears very muscular. We would love to expand our directory! Please submit your free listing if you are a rabbit breeder. Listed: 4/21/10: Haas' Happenin' Hoppers Salena Haas Pennsylvania salena34@embarqmail. Our Mini Lop Does Our Mini Lop Bucks Our Lionhead Does Our Lionhead Bucks Hutches / Hay Funny Bunny Page Contact Sales Policy/ Deposits Pick - Up Policy Words of Our rabbitry is a 60 hole herd, located in the Hudson Valley of NY. See our more helpful rabbit pages for a list of breeders. Before you look at our "Bunnies for Sale" page and see our adorable Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs, please allow me to introduce our Huntington Hoppers team and give you a little background about our rabbitry. It was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association at the 1979 convention in Tucson, Arizona, and shown for the first time as an official ARBA breed at the 1980 convention. Rotterdam NY. 1st one is a Blue Otter Holland Lop doe. it is  I'm a small rabbit breeder in western NY and I currently have several rabbits for sale, they are listed by breed and age, below: (1) Tort Mini Rex doe, Belmont  rabbit and hare species of New York are presented in. I am an ARBA licensed Registrar. Breeder of Holland Lop rabbits for pets or show. 00) An out door cage I had made for me last June ($150. Lops. The Cashmere Lop is a newer breed that was discovered within the nest of Dwarf Lop rabbits by Miss Turner of Wales in 1980. Are you a lionhead breeder? Easily list your rabbitry. Mini Plush Lops will molt twice  Erie Canal Rabbit and Cavy Breeder. , ARBA Convention or Holland Lop Nationals, full payment must be received within 24 hours of informing us of your intent to purchase. The ears lop along the side of the face. Around here, you might be able to give such animals away, but anybody that paid more than about $1/pound would be getting ripped off, and it wouldn't take them long to start saying so Mar 16, 2013 - Rabbits for sale: find local rabbits and rabbit breeders to purchase rabbits for pets, meat, fur, or wool holland lop rabbits in New Jersey at AmericanListed. mini lop breeders ny

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